The autumn brings a number of holidays which can be a threat to one’s waist. Halloween and Thanksgiving are normally celebrated with a lot of sugary foods, and then there’s Christmas coming up in the winter. Are there any tasty and healthy alternatives to all that sugar?



Guilt-Free Desserts by Kelley Herring is a collection of dessert recipes which substitute healthy alternative ingredients for things like sugar and flour. The recipes replace sugar is with the healthy and natural erythritol and stevia, while flour is replaced by gluten-free options like almond flour and coconut flour.



chocolate chip cookie

Amongst the recipes included are an assortment of brownie recipes, and recipes for cupcakes, cherry tarts, blueberry muffins, and ice cream. There are cookie recipes for chocolate chip cookies and thin mint cookies. With Christmas coming up, there’s also a recipe for gingerbread cookies that should come in handy.



Although Herring puts most of her candy recipes in a separate book called Carefree Candies, there are a couple of candy recipes in Guilt-Free Desserts, like recipes for chocolate peanut fudge and chocolate rum balls.



At a price of $19, Guilt-Free Desserts offers the opportunity to enjoy healthy versions of your favorite dessert recipes.

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